Guaranteed Waterproofing Systems

Guaranteed Waterproofing Systems
Ngày đăng: 03/09/2019

A comprehensive guide for Architects and Specifiers in the United Kingdom, now available on-line.


NB: Extended warranties apply only to works installed and maintained in accordance with British Standard Codes of Practice 8217:2005 and BS 6229:2003, or any replacement thereof or amendments thereto.

Now there is the new Copernit product rage MFT Multi-Flex-Technology

Now there is the new Copernit product rage MFT Multi-Flex-Technology
Ngày đăng: 03/09/2019

Now there is the new product rage of Copernit:

MFT – Multi-Flex-Technology

To-date, traditional polymer-modified bituminous membranes have represented the most appropriate solution to modern day waterproofing requirements.

As seen, they have different characteristics depending on the compounds of which they are composed APAO (Amorphous Polyalpha-olefin), APP (Atactic Polypropylene), SBS (Styrene-ButadieneStyrene), Oxidised Bitumen. Until now no single membrane has been able to fully cover the highest demands in terms of waterproofing.

The commitment, passion, tenacity and the untiring research work performed by Copernit Lab have led to a revolutionary result: the birth of Multi-Flex Technology – MFT, the new technology that concentrates in single products, and to a very high degree, the benefits of different traditional
polymer-modified bituminous membranes.

Multi-Flex Technology – MFT – represents the innovative Made in Copernit technology that combines in a single membrane the maximum essence of the advantages of the APAO/APP-modified and of the SBS-modified compounds, with, in addition, a special intermediate layer consisting of a revolutionary elasto-plastomeric compound.

The membranes of the MFT range are manufactured with three separate bituminous compounds: an upper coating, an intermediate bonding layer and a lower coating, all brought into the thickness of an MFT waterproofing membrane.
The core of the MFT technology is the revolutionary compound of the intermediate bonding layer. Its special formula has been designed by Copernit Lab and is part of the exclusive intellectual property and know-how of Copernit S.p.A.

The main function of this special compound is to bond to perfection and into a single product, the outer layers as well as the membrane’s carrier, thus ensuring the absolute and total compatibility of the different bituminous mixes.

This revolutionary method allowed the creation of a product range with:

– elsto-plastomericcompound consisting od distilled bitumen modified with plastomer polymers (APP) or with poly-olefins (APAO) on the upper surfce, for an excellent resistance to high temperature ad to ageing caused by UV;

– plastomeric compound consisting od distilled bitumen modified with SBS (Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene) polymers on the lower surface, that providing good flexibility at low temperature and adhesion during the installation works;

– special intermediate compound, exclusively by Copernit, in the intermediate layer, specifically engineered for excellent elasticity and resistance to mechanical stresses and to provide total compatibility with APAO/APP-and with SBS-modified bituminous compounds.

Online the new technical data sheets of Copernit bituminous membranes

Online the new technical data sheets of Copernit bituminous membranes
Ngày đăng: 03/09/2019

Now available online the new technical data sheets of


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